• DEAR AMY: My fiance and I are in our late 50s. His late wife (the mother of his 10-year-old daughter) died suddenly and unexpectedly - six years ago. His wife was younger than he, and he has not dated anyone since her death. That is, until me. Before his wife died, she shared a bed with their daughter. He slept alone. After his wife’s death, he began sharing a bed with his daughter. Nothing inappropriate goes on, but the girl cannot - or will not - sleep alone. This means that he and I can only be intimate when she is not home. We’ve talked about this issue as an impediment to getting married. For many reasons, I refuse to sleep in the bed with him and his daughter, as he’s asked me to do. I

  • Simon Cowell can be a boor, but a barb aimed at fellow judge Mel B and her marriage on Tuesday’s live “America’s Got Talent” takes the cake.

  • There are few true crime cases that captivated the nation like the murder and disappearance of Laci Peterson. With the new A&E documentary series, The Murder of Laci Peterson, there’s a renewed interest in the case - and it appears that a new generation is learning the chilling details of the murder. One of the most common questions about the case is what was the pregnant 27-year-old's official cause of death when her body was found in 2003 - it turns out, the answer isn’t a simple one. According to Laci’s autopsy, by the time the body was discovered in April (more than four months after her disappearance), it had been so far along in the process of decomposition, it was impossible for the coroner

  • Keith Olbermann reviewed recent reports that indicated special counsel Robert Mueller may be nearing the end of his investigation into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 presidential campaign.

  • Sure, it hasn't reached three-commas territory yet, but Wednesday's Powerball jackpot just hit an estimated $700 million, the second-largest prize in U.S. lottery history. It's still a far cry from last year's record-breaking $1.6 billion Powerball jackpot, but as lotto fever grows, so, too, could the prize money. While the odds of winning are still slim - one in more than 292 million - you won't want to take any chances should you hit it big. As many previous winners have learned the hard way, money doesn't buy happiness. In fact, winning the jackpot can create even more problems as people come out of the woodwork seeking a piece of the pie. That means safeguarding yourself and your windfall

  • Renowned body builder, Dallas McCarver, has died at the age of 26, the Boca Raton Police Department confirms to PEOPLE

  • An estimated 900 stray dogs live in the Chernobyl exclusion zone, many of them likely the descendants of dogs left behind following the mass evacuation of residents in the aftermath of the 1986 nuclear disaster. Volunteers, including veterinarians and radiation experts from around the world, are participating in an initiative called the Dogs of Chernobyl, launched by the nonprofit Clean Futures Fund. Participants capture the dogs, study their radiation exposure, vaccinate them against parasites and diseases including rabies, tag the dogs and release them again into the exclusion zone. Some dogs are also being outfitted with special collars equipped with radiation sensors and GPS receivers in order to map radiation levels across the zone. (Getty Images) Photography by Sean Gallup /Getty Images See more news-related photo galleries and follow us on Yahoo News Photo Twitter and Tumblr.

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